Choose to give your child the best possible opportunity.

When you choose a school for your child, you’re not just choosing where they learn and play. You’re making a decision that can have an impact on the rest of their life.

Catholic schools take that impact as seriously as you do. Our students graduate high school at a rate of 99 percent—well more than the public school average. Our graduates are more than twice as likely to go to college as their public school peers—a decision that recent studies by MIT and the Federal Reserve have found can increase lifetime earnings by as much as 80%. They even earn more scholarship money to help pay their way.

And the benefits don’t stop at academics and earnings. Our students also learn to be better people with stronger morals and faith. Catholic students are more likely to remain in the Church as adults. Adults who attended Catholic school are more than 30 percent more likely to attend Mass after high school. They form stronger marriages that are less likely to end in divorce. They are more tolerant of others’ opinions. They are more civic-minded, as well—Catholic adults are more likely to vote and to perform community service. And of course, they will continue to receive the Sacraments as adults.

The benefits of a Catholic education don’t stop when a student receives a high school diploma. The benefits of a Catholic education last a lifetime—and beyond.

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