Choose an Academic Edge.

All Catholic school students learn in an environment designed for success. Our teachers are fully qualified and certified, and their classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies to help students learn and prepare for the future. Our 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio is smaller than the public school average, meaning our students receive the one-to-one teaching moments they need to succeed.

The result is academic excellence, with student achievement scores that exceed the national average at every level. Our students are one to two grade levels ahead of public school students in their early years—a gap that never closes. They are measurably better in math and reading by eighth grade, and they continue to outperform public school students in high school.

Our Catholic high school students achieved an average ACT score of 24.0 in 2014, compared to the state average score of 20.5. Last year, nearly 20 percent more of our students qualified as “college ready” than public school students across all sections of the ACT. Those students graduate at a rate of 99 percent, and are more than twice as likely to attend college as public school graduates—and they earn more scholarship money to pay for it.

Our students receive the same academic advantages regardless of their race or socioeconomic status. In addition to playing an equal part in the academic achievements mentioned above, African-American and Hispanic students who attend Catholic school are more than twice as likely to graduate and twice as likely to attend college as their peers in public schools.

When you choose a Catholic school for your child, you choose to send them to a school where they can learn from talented, dedicated teachers and achieve their full potential—all while learning the faith, morals, and values you teach at home.

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