Frequently Asked Questions

What are burial options for Catholics in the Diocese of Peoria?  
Contact your local cemetery for detailed options and costs.

What is interment?
The burial of a coffin or urn in the earth.

What is entombment?
The placement of a coffin in a tomb such as a Mausoleum.

What is inurnment?
The placement of cremated remains in a mausoleum or columbarium, while in an urn.

What is a vault?
A concrete, fiberglass, or copper box set in the ground to hold a coffin.

What is a lawn crypt?
A molded concrete box placed in a normal burial site into which a coffin is placed. When purchased as part of a burial site, no vault is needed. It may be designed for a single burial of top and bottom.

What is a mausoleum?
A building designed with many crypts for above ground burials. Designed in concrete and sealed after interment of coffin. The front of the crypt is usually marble or granite, marked with name of deceased adn year of birth adn death.

What is a crypt?
A molded concrete box into which a coffin is placed, usually above ground in a mausoleum.

What is a niche?
A place for above ground inurnment of one who was cremated. An urn is required for the ashes.

What is a columbarium?
An above ground structure designed exclusively for urns containing cremated remains.

What are the requirements for a burial?
A ground burial requires a casket and vault. In a typical ground burial, the mortuary usually handles arrangements for the vault. However, ground crypts may also be available.

Is cremation allowed for Catholics?
The Catholic Church permits cremation unless it is evident that cremation was chosen for anti-Christian motives. When cremation is chosen, one of following options are used: 1 – cremation after the funeral liturgy, 2 – funeral liturgy in the presence of the cremated remains, or 3 – cremation and committal prior ot the funeral liturgy. For further information about cremation, please refer to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) website page - Cremation and the Order of Christian Funerals.

Other helpful resources from United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

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