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Women Speak for Themselves

Women Speak For Themselves is a national grassroots movement empowering women to speak in media, local communities and online, about how women are disadvantaged respecting dating and marriage, especially because of contraception and abortion, and about how to reconnect sex with marriage and children for the good of all people.

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Pro-Woman is Pro-Life

Recent cultural conversations on the importance of women’s advancement have increasingly included abortion access, perpetuating a tragic assumption that ‘pro-woman’ and ‘pro-life’ are diametrically opposed viewpoints. This belief ignores the full reality of the beauty and dignity of all human life. To be pro-woman is to be pro-life; one cannot exist without the other. Read […]

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Fatherhood and the Sacredness of Human Life

The upcoming celebration of Father’s Day is a fitting time to examine the irony that in our current culture, fatherhood is rarely mentioned. When mentioned at all, fathers are mocked or portrayed negatively. Some movies and stories downplay the role of the father in a child’s life, yet simultaneously portray the child as suffering from […]

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Novena to St. Joseph March 10-18, 2019

Novena to Saint Joseph March 10-18, 2019:   Novena to St. Joseph: For Those on the Path of Adoption All are invited to join the St. Joseph Adoption Novena March 10-18 as we pray for all those who travel upon the path of adoption. Visit usccb.org/adoption-novena. English Novena: Novena for St. Joseph Novena a San […]

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