Directory: St. Pius X, Rock Island

Father Eric Bolek


Ordained May 23, 2015 Parochial vicar at St. Jude, Peoria (2015)

Parochial vicar, St. Matthew, Champaign; St. Boniface, Seymour; Chaplain of the High School of St. Thomas More, Champaign (2018); Parochial vicar, St. Patrick Church of Merna in Bloomington, and St. Mary Parish in Downs 2019.

Parochial vicar St. Pius X in Rock Island 2020

Monsignor Mark J. Merdian


Born in Peoria, Nov. 13, 1966. Ordained May 29, 1993. Parochial Vicar, St. Matthew, Champaign, 1993. Adm. asst. to Bishop Myers and vice-chancellor, 1997. While remaining adm. asst. to bishop and vice-chancellor, adm., St. Peter, Peoria, 1998. Pastor, St. Peter, Peoria, while remaining adm. asst. to bishop and vice-chancellor, 1999. Pastor St. Mary, Metamora and St. Elizabeth, Washburn, 2001. While remaining Pastor, St. Mary, Metamora and St. Elizabeth, Washburn, to Admin., St. Joseph, Roanoke and St John, Benson, 2001. Pastor, St. Mary, Metamora, St. Elizabeth, Washburn, St. Joseph, Roanoke and St. John, Benson, 2002. Pastor, St. Matthew’s, Champaign, 2003. Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, 2003. Vicar of junior clergy, 2006. Chaplain to His Holiness, 2009. Episcopal vicar for health care, 2010. While remaining Episcopal Vicar for Healthcare and Episcopal Vicar for Young Clergy, President, Peoria Notre Dame High School (2012)
Pastor St. Pius X, Rock Island, Vicar of Rock Island Vicariate (2014)

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