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Our Seminarians

The Diocese of Peoria currently has nearly 40 men studying for the priesthood for the Diocese. Over the last decade, The Diocese of Peoria had more priests ordained per capita than nearly any diocese in the country.

The cost of education for this large group of seminarians is very high. Thanks to the generosity of God's people, we are able to provide for the needs of our future priests. This is possible mainly through contributions to the Seminarian Endowment Fund.

What is the Seminarian Endowment?

The Seminarian Endowment supports our theologians - seminarians who have already graduated college (either a university or a college seminary) with tuition, room, and board. The dollars in the fund (called "principal") are never spent but are invested, with the interest used each year for our seminarians. Since the principal is never touched, this endowment fund is truly a "gift that keeps on giving." Donations made to this endowment will continue to support our Vocations program every year.

How do I donate to the Endowment?

You are invited to make your donation online.  If you prefer to mail a check, please make your check payable to The Diocese of Peoria Seminarian Endowment Fund and send to:

Supporting Our Seminarians
412 NE Madison Avenue
Peoria, IL 61603

Gifts of stock, mutual funds and other assets are also welcome.
Please contact the Office of Development and Stewardship at (309) 671-1550 for more information.

Can I remember the Seminarian Endowment in my will?

Absolutely!  In fact, this is one of the most common ways to give to an endowment fund. Because it is permanent, it is an ideal place to make a final gift, in memory of yourself, an honored priest, or someone in your family. The proper legal wording for a bequest is: The Catholic Diocese of Peoria, for the use and benefit of the Seminarian Endowment Fund.

Praying for our Seminarians and an Increase in Vocations

Our greatest need is not for financial gifts, but for people willing to pray daily for our seminarians and for an increase in vocations. Please consider making the following prayer to St. Therese, Patroness of our Vocations program, a part of your daily routine.

Vocations Prayer

Oh Mary, St. Therese ever turned to you in love, telling you her desires in simplicity and begging you to speak of them to Jesus. With her we ask you to offer our prayers to your Son for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life in our diocese. Place within the hearts of young men and women a love that is strong enough to lead them to devote thier lives to the service of the Church. Help them to respond to your Son's call with a love that will spend itself in service to their brothers and sisters.

St Therese, patroness of vocations, pray for us.

For further information on vocation program or additional ways to support the seminarians, please visit the Office of Priestly Vocations.

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