Sheen Endowment

For Religious Education and Adult Faith Formation:
Grant Guidelines & Description

The Fulton Sheen Endowment is a part of the Rooted in Faith Campaign and provides parish-based grants (NOT SCHOOLS) to be used in the following areas:

  1. To enhance religious education and adult faith formation programs in parishes.
  2. Evangelization programs in parishes.
  3. Family life programs through workshops, seminars and distance learning opportunities in parishes.

The Fulton Sheen Endowment Board has established the following guidelines:

  • Properly completed grant applications must be received by the published deadline date in order to be considered for the next scheduled board meeting. (Please do not wait until the last day in case there are problems. All past grants must be closed and receipts turned in before new grants can be considered.  NO EXCEPTIONS
  • A cover letter signed by the pastor requesting the funds must be included. The letter should certify that grant funding will not be used to replace existing parish funds.
  • Grant money will not be approved to fund current programs. Grant money is to get programs started.  Once granted money the program must become self-sustaining.
  • Grant funds must be utilized within 12 months, and all unused grant funds returned to the endowment.
  • Projects using grant funds must include “Funded by the Fulton Sheen Endowment” on any publicity or information published about the project.
  • Evaluation reports and receipts are to be handed in before you can be considered for any further grants.

Priority will be given to projects as follows:

  • Projects that address a clearly identified need within a parish or area.
  • Projects whose impact can be sustained beyond the grant period without additional grant resources.
  • Projects that can be easily copied or adopted by other parishes or groups within the Diocese.
  • Projects that leverage Fulton Sheen Endowment Grant funds with other resources.
  • Projects that demonstrate cooperation among parishes to make the most efficient use of available Fulton Sheen Endowment Grant funds and local resources.
  • Projects for parishes that have not received prior grant funds.

Possible Projects
The following ideas of possible projects do not represent Fulton Sheen Endowment Board priorities, but are provided to assist applicants in envisioning how grant funds may benefit their parish(es). Possible projects include: updating or enhancing curriculum used in religious education, religion classes, or adult faith formation; start-up costs for religious education or adult faith formation activities; parish missions designed to address faith formation; programs to better train those conducting or developing religious education or adult faith formation programs; and efforts to better market religious education or adult faith formation programs.

Project Areas
The Endowment will fund projects in 3 areas:

  1. Projects that provide direct support for religious education and/or spiritual formation in a single parish or a group of parishes working cooperatively.
  2. Projects that improve the ability of parishes to pool their religious education and adult faith formation efforts, particularly in rural communities.
  3. Projects that explore new options for bringing the faith to our people.

Application Process
All applications will be considered in the initial review process. To be considered, all applications must include the following items.  All forms for the application process may be found in Forms under Development & Stewardship in the Fulton Sheen Endowment Grant Application folder.

  1. A cover letter signed by the pastor requesting the funds. If this is a cooperative project, identify the parish responsible for administering the grant. The letter should certify that grant funding will not be used to replace existing parish funds for religious education and adult faith formation.
  2. A completed application form. (See application instructions)
  3. A proposed budget, including non-endowment resources that will support this project.

Filing Deadlines
Applications must be filed by  August 2, 2024 for the next meeting (NO EXCEPTIONS). PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY in case there is a problem with your request.  If you have questions about the grant application process, contact  Julie Enzenberger.

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