The Original Image of Divine Mercy Film-Director’s Cut March 19, 2016

Divine Mercy Movie[1]There will be the Director’s Cut on March 19, 2016 at St. Jude Church of The Original Image of Divine Mercy film.  The Class 3 relic will also be present. This is an exact replica of the “original” image and this replica has also been blessed by our Holy Father, Pope Francis.  Click here to see movie trailor: The Original Image of Divine Mercy-Movie Trailor

Daniel diSilva – Director

The Original Image of Divine Mercy

Daniel diSilva has spent his entire professional career searching for new ways to placing the Arts at the service of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. His credits include collaborations and creative partnerships with a long list of theaters, celebrities, media outlets, and religious organizations. As a faithful Catholic in the entertainment industry, diSilva has been on the production end of some of the New Evangelization’s largest and best-known international events and productions. Currently he writes from his home in San Diego and works as an account executive for a Hollywood-based PR and marketing firm specializing in film and live productions. The Original Image of Divine Mercy was written and directed by Daniel diSilva and produced by Springtime Productions.

An Extraordinary Film for an Extraordinary Year of Mercy!

The Director’s Cut

If you are attending a presentation of The Director’s Cut of the documentary The Original Image of Divine Mercy, you are in for a very special event. There is much more to Saint Faustina’s original painting than meets the eye, and in a similar way, much more to this documentary than what could possibly be included in a full-length film. After traveling across Europe to speak with some of the most knowledgeable and “connected” people surrounding this priceless masterpiece, director Daniel diSilva has collected some of the most fascinating details about why the Original Image of Divine Mercy took the arduous journey that it did, some of which have been “top secret” until now! After a dramatic year-long expedition that ended in the making of this beautiful film, there is still so much to tell about the painting that has captivated the world and why it has remained relatively unknown until the making of this film. Be part of the discussion concerning the implications of the “Vilnius Image” in Theology and in the Art World – a conversation which has only just begun.


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