I Regret My Abortion – Tori’s Story | Can’t Stay Silent

I Regret My Abortion – Tori’s Story | Can’t Stay Silent:



“When I’m given the opportunity to speak with someone who’s considering abortion, I always tell them, ‘you’ll carry a baby for nine months, but you’ll carry an abortion for the rest of your life.’” Tori discovered she was pregnant when she was 16. Without knowing much about the procedure, she decided to have an abortion. The abortion was excruciatingly painful, but Tori tried her best to pretend it didn’t happen and to go on with her life. As years went by, Tori struggled to come to terms with what she had done. She began to self-medicate, abuse alcohol and drugs and allowed people to treat her badly because she thought she “deserved” it. Abortion isn’t a quick fix to an unexpected pregnancy. It kills an innocent baby and leaves everyone it touches scarred for life. Share your story at http://cantstaysilent.com #CantStaySilent Give to fuel Live Action’s work: http://give.liveaction.org

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