Advent Quote for Thursday – December 22, 2016

Thursday, December 22, 2016:

“I invite you to be more in silence, to discipline your senses to be more recollected, directed to God, to His Love and His Word… We live in a noisy time and noisy world…not necessarily of the “noise” we tend to define as such…The first noise that attacks the human spirit is the attention to self, to what is important to us, of what we demand as happiness and what we expect or even demand of others…We sometimes demand the attention of others…and we have noisy ways of doing so, like: gestures, faces, questions, behaviors…etc… We can only bow before the Child in Bethlehem, before the “poor and simple visitations” of God, if we learn to be more silent before the Lord, contemplate his Word more…keep more silence to learn to speak His language: love and truth”.

Mother Adela Galindo Foundress: SCTJM

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