This conference replaces the Biennial Development and Stewardship Conferences, and incorporates other departmental conferences that are held annually.  The Church’s ministries all work together towards the same goal – to bring people to a deeper relationship with Jesus and help one another on our journey to heaven.

The morning will consist of an opening message from Bishop Jenky, a keynote speaker, ADA announcements, and lunch.

Even though the ministries have the same goal, they are also very unique in how to reach this goal.  Therefore, the afternoon will offer breakout sessions specific to these ministries.

  • Development & Stewardship
  • Finance
  • Respect Life
  • Tribunal
  • Catholic Charities
  • Vocations
  • Evangelization & Faith Formation

Registration is FREE but REQUIRED (will include lunch and gifts)
Open to everyone: leadership, staff, volunteers, lay people!

Meet The Keynote

Our culture is very focused on mission. Our Parishes have the Ultimate Mission of making disciples, setting souls on fire for Christ, and participating in the salvation of all. How many people know that’s your why? Which ministries are focused on making this a reality? Before we talk about the What and the How (Stewardship and Evangelization) let’s get clear on our why!


Parish Coach
Katie Herzing

Katie Herzing is the Senior Parish Coach at Our Sunday Visitor. She works with churches throughout the United States to create a written vision for their parish to transform focusing on evangelization, communication, hospitality, formation, and more.

Katie brings over a decade of church work experience to each of her coaching sessions. For the past 10 years, Katie has worked in the parish in religious education, parish office management, and youth ministry in the Diocese of Charlotte.  She has a passion for youth and young adults to ensure that the beauty of the Church is spread to all future generations.

Katie is also certified in Conversational Intelligence®, a coaching program focused on changing conversation based on neuroscience to change relationships and transform our culture! Additionally, Katie is certified to administer the Change Style Indicator, coach groups through Navigating Change, and administer the ECHO Listening Profile.

Her focus and passion have brought her to aiding parishes nationwide in creating vision plans in order to share the gospel in the 21st century, celebrate mission, stabilize offertory, and share stories of thriving parishes. She writes every week about amazing things happening in parishes all over the United States at TransformYourParish.com. Subscribe for weekly inspiration for stronger communication, evangelization, stewardship, and more!

10:30  Welcome from Bishop
10:45  Keynote
11:45  Lunch
12:30  ADA Information
1:00  Breakout Sessions

Online Registration

  • IE: Pastor, Principal, Lay Person, Council Member, DRE, Youth Minister, etc.
  • Please select which session you attend in the afternoon

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Development & Stewardship

Now that we understand our why, what do we do next? How can we strengthen (or begin) a culture shift in our parishes and schools to a focus on making disciples that helps us live out our vision for evangelization and stewardship? In this breakout session we will walk through the steps for making the vision a reality in the parish and school. At OSV, we have developed some of the best practices for putting a plan in place and establishing a path forward to achieve the vision.  Topics discussed will include: 

  • Planning for Discipleship
  • Understanding the Pillars of Stewardship
  • Why you need a coach?
  • How can OSV partner with you?


Geared towards parish and school business managers and bookkeepers, this breakout session will provide information about Parish Soft best practices and an update on tuition accounting.  The session will allow time for questions as well as provide an opportunity for meeting and sharing ideas with others in similar roles in neighboring schools and parishes.

Respect Life

On March 25, the 25th anniversary of “The Gospel of Life (Evangelium Vitae)”,  the USCCB is beginning a nationwide effort to promote the culture of life especially as it pertains to assisting pregnant women in need.  This year-long effort, “Walking with Moms in Need of Service” will be the topic of this presentation.  Come discover how you can be the face of Christ to women in need.


The Tribunal processes annulments for many cases of couples whose marriages have failed.  This presentation will review the different grounds for annulments and the common reasons for marriages to end.  Those preparing couples for marriage can learn the signs to watch for to avoid failure in future marriages.  Those who deal with divorced people will also learn about the steps in presenting an annulment case to the Tribunal in Peoria.    

Catholic Charities

In this breakout, learn about the vision of Catholic Charities and how you can play a part to bring hope to those in need by providing for their spiritual and corporal needs through volunteering.


Using Parish Time, Talent, and Treasure to Grow Vocations

Evangelization & Faith Formation

“The power of loving Jesus, living and teaching the Gospel”.  All forms of Evangelization spring from a personal relationship with Him who loves us. 

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