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The greatest gift any of us has is to know Jesus Christ. We were made for God and the one way to know God is through His Son our Savior.  Therefore that is the greatest gift we have and it’s the kind of gift we cannot be selfish about.

This year’s theme for our appeal is “Sharing God’s Gifts; Transforming Lives”.  The lives that are transformed are not only those who are supported by the appeal, but the lives of you and me who give for this work

I urge all of you to give some moments to prayer.
Ask the Holy Spirit what you should do to support Christ’s work, share God’s gifts and transform lives.

+Most Rev. Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C., Bishop of Peoria


Appeal Weekend: April 6/7, 2019

The Goal for the 2019 Annual Diocesan Appeal is $6,745,000

Recognizing that everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God and then being grateful for and generous with those gifts is how we are all called to live. This stewardship lifestyle is a part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ and is something we ideally want to do because of God’s great love for us, rather than have to do because of a sense of obligation.

Everything that the Annual Diocesan Appeal supports has this same goal: to bring Jesus Christ to others and to build up the Church. In the Gospel of John 6:1-14, a little boy gave Jesus five barley loaves and two fish, which was everything he had with him that day. Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, questioned Jesus “What good are these for so many?” And yet, Jesus took those gifts and multiplied them to feed more than 5,000 people with enough left over to fill 12 wicker baskets. That’s what God does with our gifts every day. He takes what we offer to Him out of love, and He uses those gifts to transform lives in ways we could never imagine!

We hope that you are able to see some of the ways lives are being transformed through your choice to share God’s gifts. In this year’s video, you will see several ways your gifts to the ADA are transforming lives by promoting a culture of life and dignity, by bringing the good news of Jesus to others, and by forming the future of the Church.

As our bishop said, “The lives that are transformed are not only those who are supported by the appeal, but the lives of you and me who give for this work.”

Please pray about how you will respond to God’s great gift of love. Whatever your response is, your gift will transform lives.

Pledges to the Annual Diocesan Appeal may be made by contacting your parish.
Payments may be made by check, credit/debit card, direct debit, stock or grain donation, or online.

How are the Funds Used?

Every one of our parishes is the beneficiary of the Annual Diocesan Appeal!  The Diocese is the sum total of all the parishes.  Thousands upon thousands of Catholics in the Diocese are directly or indirectly served by Diocesan programs and services.  In addition, any money that is paid over the parish's goal is returned to the parish for its own programs and services.  The following are some examples of the benefits of the Diocesan Annual Appeal.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I contribute to the ADA?
From the Gospel of Matthew we learned, “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” The work of the Church in every one of our 156 parishes, schools and college Newman Centers, is to bring all souls closer to Christ. Quite frankly, the Church needs your financial support in order to accomplish its mission.

How much of my gift goes for administrative cost?
The Annual Diocesan Appeal strives to be the best possible stewards of your gifts. Ninety seven cents of every dollar goes directly to the critical work of the schools, parishes, agencies and ministries of the Diocese of Peoria. The Appeal operates at an efficiency of three cents per dollar including all administrative and fundraising expenses.

Are ADA funds used to pay legal fees or settlements from sexual abuse cases?
The Annual Diocesan Appeal supports the work of the Church in the Diocese of Peoria. All funds raised will be used exclusively and solely to support the programs and ministries of the Diocese. No monies donated to the ADA have been or will be used to defray expenses related to misconduct issues.

Will I receive a tax receipt?
Everyone that contributes to the ADA will receive a tax letter in January.

Is there a minimum I need to donate?
There is no minimum. All gifts are gratefully accepted and valued. As stewards, we should take the time to to reflect on our God given gifts of time, talent and treasure. Charitable giving is a reflection of our Christian Stewardship of treasure.

How can I make my gift?
You may make a one-time gift, or pledge over eight months.

Payments may be made by check, credit/debit card, direct debit from your checking/savings account or pay your pledge online. We also accept gifts of stock or grain donation. Please call our office for detailed stock instructions at 309-671-1550.

History & Purpose

The Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA) is the major source of revenue for the ministries and agencies of the Diocese of Peoria. It is these ministries that enable the Church of Peoria, under the direction of Bishop Jenky, to reach across parish boundaries in the areas of Worship/Prayer, Christian Education, Christian Service, and Church Administration, among others.

Until the first Appeal in 1986 the Diocese of Peoria had been financed in part by a tax on parishes. Each parish sent a required assessment to the diocese to fund diocesan services and programs. However, in the final years this assessment was providing less and less of the funding required, and former Bishop Edward W. O'Rourke was faced with the difficult task of substantially increasing the tax on parishes or seeking an alternative.

It is history that Bishop O'Rourke selected the alternative means-- namely, the Annual Diocesan Appeal (formerly called the Annual Stewardship Appeal). By utilizing this annual appeal, the diocese can continue its valuable services while having a minimal effect upon parish incomes. At the same time, the parish tax has been abolished entirely. By comparison, many dioceses today have both an annual appeal and a parish assessment.

A Diocese is, after all, a union of parishes, presided over by a Bishop and organized to fulfill Christ's mission in a given geographical area. While the work of Christ is done chiefly in the parishes, there are many tasks which require the administration and efforts of the larger Church, the Diocese.

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